Join the movement in West Virginia: together we are building momentum for a safe, locally owned water system!

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We stand in solidarity with the people of Flint, Michigan.  

Lead poisoning in Flint, poisoned wells in Pennsylvania, cumbling national water infrastructure: it seems like each time we turn on the news these days there's another water crisis in another part of the country. 

Here at home, these problems are familiar. But here at home, there's something we can do about it.

Nearly two years after the water crisis, New Jersey-based West Virginia American Water is still refusing to invest in a safe, reliable water system, letting our infrastructure fall apart, ignoring basic safety measure, all while pushing for rate hike after hike! 

It's just common sense not to continue doing business with a company that doesn't good adequate service. 

We are building momentum for a public water system, run in the interest of West Virginia residents and ratepayers! Join us! 


We, the undersigned, are residents of the nine-county region served by West Virginia American Water Company’s Elk River water treatment plant. West Virginia American Water is failing to provide safe and reliable water service to our region. We believe that creating a public water system is our best chance for ensuring that we have a water system where public health and safety take priority over profits.

We call upon the county commissions of each of the counties served by West Virginia American Water’s Elk River treatment plant (Kanawha, Boone, Putnam, Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, Clay, Jackson, and Roane) to join us in publicly supporting the creation of a locally owned, public utility that will acquire the existing water system and make the improvements we need and deserve. 


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