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*note: Water main breaks and boil water advisories happen by the hundreds each year. As such, we have not recorded every news event concerning infrastructure failures.


"Advocates want more discovery in PSC chemical spill probe"  Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail, 6/5/16

"Water customers could pay $88.8M on top of approved $18.2M rate hike" Andrew Brown, Charleston Gazette-Mail, 5/30/16

"PSC sets hearing on chemical spill investigation" Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail, 5/24/16

"Fight for public water continues in Kanawha Valley" Carrie Hodousek, MetroNews  5/17/16

"Photo: Protesters decry water rate hike" Chris Dorst, Charleston Gazette-Mail 5/17/16

"UPDATE: Demonstrators gather in Charleston to protest proposed water rate hike" WSAZ 5/17/16

"Water main break affecting many Nitro residents" WSAZ 5/11/16

"Nationwide blames WVAWC for damages at two Kanawha businesses" Kyla Asbury, West Virginia Record 5/4/16

"Public ranks water safety concerns high" Ken Ward, Charleston Gazette-Mail (Sustained Outrage Blog) 5/2/16

"WV American Water seeks surcharge for infrastructure projects" Andrew Brown, Charleston Gazette-Mail 4/29/16

"Water Main Break near Southridge Shopping Center" WOWK 4/21/16

"Nitro leaders speak out against possible water company surcharge" Amanda Barren, WSAZ 4/20/16

"Water main break causing water outages for some customers in Kanawha County" WSAZ 4/14/16

"Advocate group wants a public water system" Christopher Williams, WCHS 4/12/16

"Safe Water System advocates push for public system at Kanawha Commission meeting" Matt Maccaro 4/12/16

"Kanawha commission takes up clearing road after airport slide" (see mid-section of article covering the Kanawha County Commission) Daniel Desrochers, Charleston Gazette-Mail 4/12/16

"East End residents complain company using lot as ‘landfill’" Elaina Sauber, Charleston Gazette-Mail 4/10/16

"Kanawha Co. commissioners, Charleston Mayor ask water company to hold the line on increases" WSAZ 4/4/16

"UPDATE: West Virginia American Water wants to add extra surcharge to monthly bills" WSAZ 3/29/16

"WV American Water notifies officials of intent to add surcharge to bills" Andrew Brown, Charleston Gazette-Mail 3/28/16

"WV American Water customers weigh in on water protection plan" Ryan Quinn, Charleston Gazette-Mail 3/23/16

"Water company seeks delay in chemical spill trial" Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail 3/11/16

"Bill gives public more details about drinking water threats" Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail 3/10/16

"Sinkhole shuts down part of street" WOWKTV 2/29/16

"PSC staff question chairman’s role in WV American Water rate case" Andrew Brown, Charleston Gazette-Mail 2/29/16

"How does WVAW rates compare to other cities in our region?" WOWKTV 2/26/16

"PSC gives water company 15 percent rate hike" Andrew Brown, Charleston Gazette-Mail 2/25/16

"Reactions coming in as increase approved for WVAW bills" WOWKTV 2/25/16

"PSC approves lower increase than requested by West Virginia American Water" WSAZ 2/24/16

"National study says Kanawha Valley water rates are higher than most" WSAZ 2/24/16

"Ahead of PSC decision on WVAWC rate hike request, study shows water rates are already high" Shauna Johnson, Metro News 2/23/16

"Advocacy Group, West Virginia American Water Clash on Rate-Cost Study" Dave Mistich, WV Public Broadcasting 2/23/16

"Proposed WVAM rate increase would make WV one of most expensive water systems in U.S." WOWKTV 2/22/16

"Dozens advocate at West Virginia Capitol for clean drinking water" Jatara McGeeWSAZ 2/9/16

"Laidley Street repairs needed after water line break" Charleston Gazette Mail 1/27/16

"PSC should not drop general investigation of water crisis response" Karan Ireland (op-ed), Charleston Gazette-Mail 1/24/16

"Several water main breaks reported in Tri-State area" WOWKTV 1/23/16

"PSC wrestles with how to proceed on chemical spill probe" Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail 1/22/16

"Water main break closes several Charleston streets" WSAZ 1/22/16

"Water main break causes issues on downtown Charleston streets" Jeffrey Morris, Dan Matics, WCHS 1/22/16

"Gazette editorial: Lessons from spoiled water?" 1/9/16 Charleston Gazette-Mail 1/22/16

"PSC urged to continue chemical spill probe" Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail 1/20/16

"Water Customers Outrages at High Bills" WOWKTV 1/11/16

"Report: Public ownership would spark change in Kanawha Valley's crippled water system" The State Journal, 1/7/16

“Parents Upset After 'Minor' Water Leak Leads To Icy Road, Major Problems For School Dropoff” Brooke Thibodaux 1/5/16

“PSC hints at dropping chemical leak probe” Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail 1/4/16

“W.V. American Water Company faces suit over harmful chemicals” Carrie Bradon, West Virginia Record 1/3/2016

 *With so much press about this effort each week, we only began tracking press hits in earnest in early 2016.