In early March, we launched the next phase of the campaign for public water, writing dozens of letters and hundreds of postcards to the Kanawha County Commission, asking for their leadership for a public water system. In April, the Commission agreed to meet with other Commissioners and Mayors in the Kanwaha Valley who are fed up with West Virginia American Water.

Now, we're making our next moves!

Public Action for Public Water

Until our local elected officials get serious about a public water system, we will continue to be hostage to an out-of-state water company that puts its interests before our interests.

So what's the plan? On May 17th, we're bringing the voices of the 100s of ratepayers we've spoken with over the last several months to the steps of the Kanawha County Commission! We'll ask the Commission to show leadership for public water. 

How will we do it? We're creating HUGE word bubbles that capture stories from our neighborhoods and will read them aloud on the steps of the courthouse, so our officials can hear (and see) how our water system is not working for us--loud and clear!

We'll have signs ready for you. Join us on your lunch hour on May 17th. Take a stand for safe, affordable water!

11:30am Meet up and instructions
11:45am Action starts
12:10pm Wrap up and Press interviews
12:20pm Head out

We'll have bagged lunches for folks who attend so you can still get a meal in.

This is a legal, non-violent event.


Invite Neighbors to join the Campaign

One thing we've learned is that campaigns grow when we invite our neighbors to be a part of the effort. The other thing we've learned is that our neighbors want to be invited. 

When we knocked on doors on the East End just a few weeks ago, every single person we talked to wanted to take action for public water. Every. Single. One.

In fact, so many people were interested, we decided to host another, bigger event!