Threats to Huntington's water supply

On Thursday evening, members of Advocates for a Safe Water System presented at a community forum in Huntington on important issues impacting the safety of Huntington's water system.

Huntington is served by West Virginia American Water, although it is a separate system from the Kanawha Valley system. Huntington's water system was threatened earlier this year by toxins from blue-green algae in the Ohio River.

Charleston chemist Dr. Phil Price spoke about this threat to Huntington's water supply:

  • Microcycstins (toxins produced by blue-green algae) cause skin irritation, stomach upsets and, at higher concentrations, liver damage, tumor promotion and death.
  • During the September algal bloom, WV American Water was not transparent in sharing data with the public. It had to rush to construct an emergency second intake along the Guyandotte River, which it has since dismantled.
  • WV American Water and state public health agencies are not planning for the next blue-green algae outbreak.

Download Dr. Price's presentation here

Download our presentation on WV American Water's rates and infrastructure here.