Ask Gov. Tomblin to fill the vacancy on the PSC so we can get answers about our water!

We all know West Virginia American Water wasn't prepared for a disaster on January 9th, 2014. Last May, our Public Service Commission launched an investigation to find out what went wrong. 

WV American Water hasn't made the necessary changes to make our system safer and meanwhile the investigation into West Virginia American Water's failure has been stalled for the past 9 months because Governor Tomblin hasn't filled a vacant spot on the PSC.

The Public Service Commission is an agency that impacts all of our lives - by setting utility rates and requiring that utilities provide reliable service. Governor Tomblin has provided no explanation for his inaction and says he has "no timeline for an appointment." 

The investigation into WV American Water's response to the chemical spill has been stalled since Jon McKinney resigned from the three-member Public Service Commission on December 31, 2014. State law requires that two commissioners are needed to hear a case but one of the two remaining commissioners, Chairman Michael Albert, recused himself from the investigation because of his past history as an attorney representing WV American Water before the PSC. Without another commissioner, the case cannot move forward. 

We need action. We need an appointee who is independent from West Virginia's major corporate utility interests. Call Governor Tomblin today (304-558-2000) and tell him we want a consumer-oriented appointee who stands up for ratepayers in West Virginia.